Posted: Friday, March 1, 2013 2:34 pm By Stephen Herzog | 0 comments
A Branson business is expected to soon be featured in its own reality TV show on the Discovery Channel. According to the production company High Noon Entertainment, Branson Pawn will be featured in a show, with the working title of the series sharing the business name. High Noon posted a casting call on its website for the show, which has already filmed in Branson and is expected to be back at the end of the month, according to Lynn Berry with the Branson/Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce. “Revolving around Branson Pawn Shop located right on Commercial Street and Main Street in Branson, Mo., the series documents the hundreds of people and their possessions a they enter the pawn shop looking to make a deal,” the website states. “The pawn shop personnel not only buy and sell jewelry, electronics and furs — they’ve also been known to take in cars, animals, antiques, currency, appliances, memorabilia, musical instruments and everything in between. Think of it like History Channel’s “Pawn Stars” with a twist.” According to the site, the show will be different in that customers who are confident their item is worth more than what is being offered have the chance to earn more money by competing in a specialized trivia game against the shop’s staff. “We are already hard at work on our first season, so don’t hesitate,” the site states in its casting call-out.
Branson Pawn