What’s New In The Neighborhood

Spring 2014

Welcome to Hickory Ridge Estates in Branson, Missouri.  Home to “One of the finest neighborhoods in the Ozarks!”

When we were looking forward to 2013 we told you we were expecting “an amazing year.” Well we are so excited to share with you that it truly WAS an amazing year. 2013 ended up meeting and exceeding our sales expectations, surpassing all previous years!

Whether you are new friends planning a first visit to Branson or you are old friends looking forward to moving to Hickory Ridge some day, we encourage you to come by for a neighborly visit and see what is going on for yourself. And if you have been on the fence as to when to make Hickory Ridge your home, we’d like to offer you this neighborly advice… Don’t put your decision off any longer. Just 15 lots remain. We have already had friends return this year to find their favorite home site is already SOLD!

Honestly, we still love driving through this neighborhood after all these years. It’s unlike any we’ve seen for sure! We love the expansive views of the Ozarks and the wildlife (12 white tail deer were spotted alongside the road just weeks ago). We also think we have some of the most unique homes in the area and some of the nicest neighbors we have ever known. We are proud of Hickory Ridge and show our pride in the attention we give the entry and open spaces in neighborhood. We treat them like they are own front yard.

And if you have followed us for very long at all you know we love The Lord and we feel so blessed to live in a community that is accepting of people who openly declare their faith in God. Our families really enjoy attending our local churches and if you are a believer we trust you will find Branson has a new home church for you too.

As for entertainment and recreation, Branson has the best there is as far as we are concerned. If you want a suggestion as to what to see while you are here, just drop us an email or stop by and we will share our favorites with you.

Say Howdy! Both families that started Hickory Ridge live here in the neighborhood. We sell these lots ourselves. And it’s always easy to reach us. We open our personal homes for neighborly visits so you can stop by and chat with us and take a look around if you like. Look for the Open House signs in the yard. Usually we try to be available to you from 12-5 DAILY. You may also call us anytime at 417-294-2999.

You’ll find our personal homes are larger, ranging in size from 6000 to 8000 square feet. They were built as our dream homes and we love them. Of course, many people aren’t needing that large of a home so rest assured we have lots of great ideas for smaller homes too. Take a look and you may find a great idea you’d like to include in your dream home. And we have already done some of the work for you, we have contacts with a very reliable builder, architects, and designers who do very fine work.

We can’t express just how thankful we are for everyone who has already chosen to make their home here. We appreciate each and every one of you. And if you are thinking about relocating, we hope you will find what you are looking for at Hickory Ridge too.

God Bless You

Gary and Ruthann Winans, Owners
Jon and Linda Lee, Owners